All About Sano Designs:

Sano is the Spanish word for "healthy", and Sano Designs was created when I was at the lowest and darkest point in my life. Making jewelry became a major part of my recovery and path to becoming healthy. The purpose of Sano Designs is to encourage collaboration, creativity, and self-care through jewelry-making. I began Sano Designs with the intention of offering quality jewelry and products that were equal parts affordable and accessible. Most of my pieces are made with semi-precious stones, the energies and healing properties of which are considered and harnessed when putting pieces together. I always offer personalization and customization with each piece with the hope that the customer can take part in the creative experience. I’m passionate about creating one-of-a-kind pieces that allow my customers to feel their best while wearing them. Each piece is a reflection of my enthusiasm for my materials and I aim to produce exuberant, unique, and powerful pieces each time I sit down in the studio.

My favorite type of client is one that comes full of ideas and wants to collaborate with me! An important part of my brand is spreading the healing power of creativity through jewelry making, and I host workshops and events in my local area to teach others and allow them to create. Soon we will be introducing an application on the site that allows you to design your own necklace, right on the screen! We are collaborating with another female business owner on its creation and it's sure to be a hit! Stay tuned!

I am based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and host workshops and events in addition to selling in local craft shows. The brand is ever-evolving and expanding, allowing us share our creations with others across the country and as well as globally. I am proud of the business I have created and am excited and honored to have others wear my creations and desire my products! We hope to connect with you soon! Find Sano Designs on Instagram @sano_designs and on Facebook (Sano Designs), or feel free to email me directly at!